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Safety Precautions Applying a Stain or Dye

Before applying a stain or dye, always read the safety precautions provided by the manufacturer (often you can find these on the manufacturer´s website). Chemical stains and solvent-based dyes will require greater cautionary measures than water-based products. That´s because most chemical stains contain corrosive components (including hydrochloric acid and chlorides) that can cause severe eye, skin, and lung irritation. And solvent-based dyes can be highly flammable and produce vapors that are hazardous to breathe. When using these products, workers should wear impervious gloves and boots, splash-proof goggles, and facemasks or respirators to prevent inhalation of fumes. Products containing solvents must be kept away from combustible materials and heat sources and applied in rooms that are well-ventilated.

When applying chemical stain you should wear adequate personal protection including a respirator, splash-resistant goggles, and impervious gloves.

For projects in occupied spaces or where ventilation is poor, water-based stains and dyes will be your best choice. These products typically have a low VOC content and are safe to apply indoors without concern for odors or toxic fumes.

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