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How To Avoid Damaging Concrete Driveways

A concrete driveway is a wonderful addition to a home. They provide curb appeal to your home as well as convenience. Although a large investment they are made to last. Not only do they look great but they require very little maintenance and routine care. But like everything else, concrete driveways are not maintenance free and measure must be taken to avoid any damage. Here are a few tips to avoid damaging concrete driveways.

Treat Your Driveway with Care

A great tip to avoid damaging concrete driveway, that costs nothing, is treating it with care. Although concrete is very durable a residential driveway constructed of this material is not intended to support heavier vehicles so it is best to avoid allowing larger vehicles such as moving trucks and construction vehicles from parking on your driveway.

Remove Stain Quickly

An easy way to avoid damaging concrete driveways is removing stains immediately. Things such as oil, grease and gasoline from vehicles can cause discolorations of a concrete driveway even if your driveway has been sealed. If previous staining has occurred they may be able to be removed by a power washer.

Avoid the Use of Deicing Chemicals

The use of deicing chemicals on your driveway during winter months can lead to surface damage. The reason they cause surface damage is that they cause the thawing and refreezing of moisture on the driveway resulting in scaling of the driveway. Products containing ingredients such a ammonia sulfates can damage the concrete and using products containing sodium chloride also known as rock salt cause less damage but can harm surrounding grass and other plants.

Clean and Reapply Sealer as Needed

It is important to not only clean your concrete driveway regularly to maintain its seal but it has to be sealed regularly. Sealing your driveway helps to avoid weather damage in addition to protecting it from normal wear and tear that occurs due to regular use. Concrete driveways should be sealed about every two years.

Overall, concrete driveways are very durable and are build to last but they do require some maintenance. In order to ensure that your driveway does not become damaged you have to treat it with care. Doing so is easy as long as you seal it every two years, remove any stains quickly, avoid the use of deicing materials and clean it regularly. When these preventative measure are taken a concrete driveway can last a very long time.